Signal Mtn


Moulton's south barn on a late spring morning & the north barn at sunset in winter

SEASONS June is the time for the classic shot of the south barn in front of the Tetons. The grass is vibrant at this time and makes for a carpet of green. Very few people shoot the barns in winter but dare to be be different!




Sunrise to mid morning for the classic south barn shot. The sun flames the barn when it finally clears the hills behind you. Shooting the shot before this happens would require a ND filter shaped liked the barn or a composite image. For the north barn, try sunrise for the standard shot or from the back at sunset for something different.




LENS: 35-300mm focal length for 35mm camera, 35mm and 300mm were used above.

FILTERS: split ND at sunrise ?, 81A or 91B is optional in summer.




Slide films: Fuji Provia 100F or Velvia, Kodak E100SW

Negative films: Fuji Reala




See: Digital cameras for landscape work.
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